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    Dear Friends and Neighbors:

    Willa Drummond and I bought a small section of land in the Serenola Forest area, along the scenic road.   

    This land serves the strategic purpose of connecting other conservation lands to the border of Payne's Prairie.  When Willa and I walked it last week, you could see the numerous trails that deer and other animals had created through it. 

     When I was back in Gainesville this month Willa, myself, my wife, and my folks worked on cleaning up the land, and hauled out several truckloads of junk. 

    The area has an invasive grass on it called Coogan Grass, which we will remove via mowing and crowding out with native grasses.  Will mowed a couple of loop trails on the land, to allow for work access, and a short walking hike.  Feel free to walk on it anytime to see what we've done.

     As you may have noticed, we've narrowed off the shortcut road the transects the property, and will ultimately close this section off, to allow for the growth of natural vegetation.  There will still be access from the Scenic road to 441 via 51st Ave. 

    It should be a fun project for us for the next few years, removing invasive plants, and replacing them with native species and wildflowers.  Our ultimate plan is to make a small neighborhood park out of it, with some nice trails, a few natural benches to sit on (code words for tree logs), and some wildflower displays.

     Attached are a couple of photos from the clean up and invasive hack out day. 

    Please contact me with any questions you may have about this conservation project, and as always I thank you for your interest in the Serenola Forest/Idylwild area.




Project Plan

Preserve a viable and sustainable ecosystem in this area, with wildlife corridors to the Paynes Prairie State Preserve.

How to Help

  • Join our website contact list, for updates on events and the latest information.

  • Talk to your friends and neighbors, pass this email to them, and let them know what’s happening.

  • Keep contacting the City and County Commission to request they use their influence to preserve as much of Serenola Forest as possible.  Remember the City Commission is very conservation minded, and is doing a good job in this matter, so please be very kind and respectful of them, as well as the County Commission.

  • Join and participate in the Idylwild Homeowner’s Association. Contact the Association's vice-president, Kate Lee, at kately@bellsouth.net

  • Thanks!!!




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